Sailing school

Every summer we organize a sailing school for the little ones. The summer sailing school starts one week after the end of the school year, ie in mid-June. Under professional guidance, children learn general skills in sailing boat management. The summer sailing school is a good alternative to spend free time outdoors and promotes healthy development of children.

A child between 6 and 12 who wants to join the sailing school must be a good swimmer, must have parental consent and must be in good health. It is a good thing to inform the coach about specific health problems that require special attention, if there are any.

Sailing Club Uljanik Plovidba provides basic sailing equipment: fully equipped sailboat and protective vest, while the other mandatory equipment includes:
  • spare clothing (t-shirt, underwear, neoprene slippers or old sneakers)
  • sun protection cap
  • sunscreen
  • wind jacket (in case of bad weather conditions)
  • water and lunch.
If the child desires to continue sailing, equipment for colder days also includes:
  • protective neoprene suit
  • warmer spare clothes (long sleeves and trousers)
  • warmer wind jacket
  • warmer cap
Škola jedrenja


Optimist is the most popular sailing boat for beginners and sailing lessons. It is designed for children and easy to manage. It's easy to transport and can even be carried on the roof of a car. It's safe for 8-year-olds but also technically demanding and exciting for 15-year-olds.

Laser Standard, an Olympic men's class, is a regatta class one-seat sailboat for adult sailors designed for recreation and top-quality racing that is very popular because of the excellent features, simplicity and easy transport.
Laser Radial, the Olympic Class for Girls, is a regatta class one-seat sailboat for adult sailors designed for recreation and top racing sailing.
Laser 4.7, a transitional class for juniors up to 18 years, is a regatta class one-seat sailboat for young sailors designed for recreation and top racing sailing.

A cruiser is a larger sailboat, longer than 30 feet, designed for multi-day cruises. The recreational Cruise section gathers members who train and compete on their own ships at home and abroad. 

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