54th Pula Regatta

The 54th Pula Regatta organized by Uljanik Plovidba Sailing Club, with the support of the ULJANIK Group, the City of Pula, the Port of Pula, ACY Pula and numerous sponsors, waa held on 28th April 2018 at the 'Rijeka' pier. The competition was approached by a total of 21 cruisers, which sailed on the route that includes the Port of Pula and the Brijuni Islands. The fastest was the CubaLibre 2 crew, led by the skipper Damir Viškovi.

As part of this year's Pula Regatta, on 30th April our friends from Italy parted the same route as part of the Pesaro-Pula-Pesaro regatta. There were a total of 43 cruisers, and the fastest was Moonshinecrew led by the skipper Fernando Ziccarelli. During the 54th Pula Regatta and the 34th Regatta Pesaro-Pula-Pesaro, numerous local and foreign sailing lovers visited the 'Rijeka'. A total of 370 Italian sailors and about a hundred members of their families and friends during a three-day stay in Pula had a chance to see the city and enjoy all its beauties.


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