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In Istria sailing sport took place after World War II. The first Istrian regatta was organized in 1948 by the Sailing Club "Uljanik".
At the time there were two sailing clubs - Vega, based in Vargarola, and Uljanik, located on the island Uljanik. Until 1990 Uljanik gave the first state representatives, the team Tonko Rasol and Emilio Radolović, who sailed in the Zvijezda class. Rasol was also the federal selector and coach of the team in two terms, and participated in the Olympic Games in Tallinn and Los Angeles as wel as the Mediterranean Games in Split and Casablanca. Slobodan Vucic and Moimil Zuban were the first Yugoslavian cadet class champions; Marko Zuban was the first Yugoslav champion in the Optimist class and Croatian vice-champion in the European class in 1991 and 1992, while Ivica Martinčić was the champion in the Laser class.

Since 1991 the club operates under the name Sailing Club "Uljanik Plovidba".

One of many prominent members of the club is Mateja Petronijević. Born on September 1st 1986 in Pula, Mateja has been a member of SC Uljanik Plovidba since 1995. In her career as a sailor she has won numerous prizes including 1st place in the Open Championship of the Optimist class held in the Canary Islands in 2001. At the World Championships in Auckland Mateja qualified for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where she scored 11th in the Laser Radial class, and this success is unique since Mateja is the first sailor in the history of Croatia to qualify for the Olympic Games and till today leads with the best results achieved.

Mateja Petronijević - Prizes and Awards
Member of the club since the early age, Mateja has achieved remarkable results during her long career in classes Optimist, Europe and Laser Radial.

Prizes and awards:

• Croatia's Most Spectacular Athlete, 2001, COC

• The Most Spectacular Athlete of the Istrian County, 2001

• The Best Athlete of the City of Pula, 2001

• The Best Athlete of the Istrian County, 2004, Glas Istre journal

• The Best Athlete of the City of Pula, 2006

• The status of top athlete, category 1, from January 1st 2007, COC

• The Best Athlete of the City of Pula, 2008

• The Best Athlete of the Istrian County, 2008

• "Istriana" - the most prominent person in the field of sports in the Istrian County, IC and Croatian Radio - Radio Pula, 2008

• Emblem of the City of Pula for outstanding success in sailing sport 2008, for a historic event as the first Croatian sailor at Olympics in Beijing with the 11th place scored

• Rector's Award for outstanding sports achievements in 2008, University of Zagreb, 2009


Sailing Club Uljanik Plovidba currently counts around 30 members.
The current president is Hrvoje Markulinčić, elected in 2015. His predecessor, Anton Brajković, has been president since 1989.

Eligio Mario Rendi was the first coach. Born in 1932 in Monfalcone, Eligio Mario Rendi began sailing in 1948 in the SC Mornar, continued in the SC Uljanik Plovidba, and has been active for more than 50 years. He coached many young sailors in Pula, and thanks to his work the club achieved remarkable results in all classes of that time in local, state and international championships. In 2016 Rendi received the Life Achievement Award from the Sports Association of the City of Pula as recognition for the best results in the development of sport and contribution to the affirmation of the sailing sport in Pula.

Secretary of the club is Walter Stemberger.
Coaches are Darko Kliba and Tina Mihelić.

Ivan Bilić
Vito Franjić
Marko Gomerčić
Noa Gorički
Ema Grabar
Sebastijan Hajnc
Edi Jurman
Ivano Kaić
Lena Krivić
Una Krivić
Luka Lorencin
Alex Mećava
Jakov Močinić
Mia Močinić
Luka  Pahljina
Kristian Pavlović
Buba Mario Pulek
Iva Rokvić
Mark Sandri
Nora Šijan
Tristan Tol

Laser 4.7, Laser Radial
Jure Cvek
Dren Dejanović
Karla Golja
Roko Kuzmanović
Filip Luić
Ana Rokvić
Marino Rokvić


Sailing Club Uljanik Plovidba is situated and operates in the picturesque port of Bunarina. Club facilities are reserved for teammembers and equipment storage.

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  +385 (0)52 214075

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